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You can trust the water filters and water filtration treatment that Filtration Technology will provide for you. More than three-quarters of our planet's surface is water. It is contended by some authorities that 85-90% of the world's fresh water supply is contaminated with a wide variety of frightening polutants. Most of our beverages we drink consist of 98% water, therefore water filtration and water treatment is so very important.

Pentek's 35 years of experience in water filtration have made them them experts in the field of industral and domestic water treatments.
In fact, they originated most of the technology on the market today. 


Filtration Technology can provide you with any type of water filters, UV systems (Ultra violet) , water softeners, string wound cartridges, spun bonded cartridges, pleated membrane cartridges, activated carbon cartridges, polypropylene housings, mild steel and stainless steel housings

Whether purifying water - removing contaminants from a fluid process stream - protecting and extending the life of critical equipment, recovering and re-circulating fluid or collecting suspended solids, PENTEK filter housings,systems and cartridges from Pentek Filtration add value to the process, increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.



We can provide for all your water filter housings in stainless steel or polypropylene.


If we do not have them in stock on the shelf, then we manufacture according to your requirements.



Filtration Technology can provide for any water filter software, such as elements of any micron size, or carbon filter elements, reverse osmosis software and chemicals.

We are also able to provide you with any equivalent filter element in place of some of the more expensive products on the market.




Filtration Technology can also supply any size of nylon and stainless steel woven mesh (all grades) at any mesh size (microns) to suit your requirements.

These can be cut to any size

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